HOW TO BUILD WEALTH – The Urban Journal

HOW TO BUILD WEALTH – The Urban Journal

Words by Jeffrey Authur

The Urban Financier(a.k.a. Franklin Asante) breaks down the ABCs of building wealth.

The world of personal finance isn’t exactly sexy. Account for the fact that most people’s first – and sometimes, only – introduction to the subject comes courtesy of the adage “money doesn’t grow on trees”, and our collective avoidance of the matter makes plenty sense. Few people are willing to openly talk about money. It’s a touchy subject – but one you should engage with nonetheless.

Enter Franklin Asante – a.k.a. The Urban Financier – a man on a self-confessed mission to educate the masses about all things money. Building wealth is his thing, a subject he’s found himself curating online content about over the past few years…..

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