The Alternative Investment Market

The Alternative Investment Market

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is the place where you’ll find up and coming companies that are looking to raise money for growth. Businesses gain access to a diverse set of investors and an advisory community, who understand the needs of entrepreneurial businesses, and often may want to offer their expertise in addition to their money.

AIM currently has of over 800 companies with a combined market cap of £104billion. This is an alternative to the FTSE 100 or S&P500 where you typically find companies that are already mature and successful. When thinking about the next big thing to invest in, the FTSE AIM can often house some very high potential businesses across all the major sectors.

Additionally, there are Tax relief incentives for investing in qualifying AIM listed companies such; business tax relief, EIS, relief for losses, as well as the ability to be held in your stocks and shares ISA. Some of the companies currently listed on AIM market include; ASOS, Boohoo & Fever tree.

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